[quote]Without knowing the destination every route is wrong….or….not all routes are guiding to Rome![/quote]

Where does a development lead to if it’s not target orientated? Nowhere!

Often especially in small and midsize companies the question for a strategy is being felt as burdensome and inadequate. That’s not without any reason, because in the name of the strategy especially from the consultancies there was done a lot of mischief.

But lately every responsible decider in an organization thinks – consciously or not – about Strategy. Every thought about:
• Where do I/we want to go?
• How will the whole thing look like in xxxx years?
• What are my/our advantages and disadvantages?
• How can I make my business bigger/ safer/ more successful? Etc.etc.
is part of a strategic thinking – part of strategy.

Strategy development in this meaning is not more (but also not less) than ordinate these thinking, make them regular, document them, make them measurable and control them.

We help and support you with this.

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