[quote]The success of the international business is 90% communication and the understanding of the differences. [/quote]
Experience in international business you do not get sitting on your desk. Only in direct communication and with each other you learn the understanding of the other and you get a feeling for what is possible and important. The right mix of centralized controlling and local independence has to be found.

More than 12 years of working in South America and project and professional experience in 10 more countries, beside travels in more countries, give us the guarantee, that we can help you and your business. Our expertise is focusing on South America and Europe.

Do you plan to enter in a market? The subsidiary abroad is not running well? Do you need support for founding a new company? Do you have the right people or (new) position have to be fulfilled? What should be done and what should be avoid? Do you need a local network? Do the systems and the reporting fit together? Or you simply need somebody “to have a look on the whole”?

It doesn’t matter what is your specific problem – let’s talk about it.

[box style=”rounded”]
[dropcap2]>[/dropcap2]We do not carry on international business out of our comfortable seat, but we go where you do need us. Doing that we base on our knowledge about culture and people and use our local network. Only in functioning network and with local contacts international business will turn to a successful business.[/box]

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