Experience & Services

As an interims manager I provide all my knowledge, my capabilities, my experience and my efforts for a limited time period to my clients. Based on my network with partners and other interim managers we are able to do any project and always offer the right expertise for any task.

My personal main fields are:
Internationalization, Succession, organizational development, Strategy and change processes.

For my doing I’m bringing in ma knowledge and my experience. Action fields where I do not have specific expertise, I do not exercise. In consultation with the client therefor partners can be included.



All projects of clients are done and accompanied by me personally.

Therefore I can also guaranty that:
• I will identify myself totally with the project and bring in all my effort
• Exclusivity (if wanted) will be guarantied
• Assignment in crises is quick and in a timely manner
• I’m personally responsible for the confidentiality of all information








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