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Taking responsibility as well as dealing with crisis and changes – that’s what I have done in different companies, industries and cultures. As a generalist with an extensive and international business experience, a focus on leadership and people and a good shape of seniority, I have learned what is important in difficult, turbulent and/or insecure situations: to keep in mind the whole thing and do not fall into operative hecticness!

Crisis or the need for changes often is indicated by subtle signals – the feeling that:
– something has to change
– too many employees got (operations) blind
– others do something better
– the results could be better
– the processes are inefficient
– threats from outside are very strong
– times have changed
– responsibility should be changed and others

are signals that „something has to be done“.

[box style=”rounded”][dropcap2]>[/dropcap2]My offer: all my knowledge, my know how and my experience and my commitment I am bringing in for us together analyzing the needs, take out the right decisions and implementing the right solutions together with the whole team.[/box] 

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